ePub-Experts at Hamerstone House

Let us take the hassle out of formatting your book for digital distribution

We format books ready for distribution on online platforms that accept ePub and MOBI files.

We give you professional interior book layout at affordable prices.

Our standard fee is $19.99 for basic interior formatting to the ePub and MOBI standards – a price which is just right for you.

We have what it takes to get your book looking great.

Our team includes full time Web/Graphic designers as well as self-published authors, and we know how expensive getting your new self-published novel ready for distribution can be. We have been in the self-publishing business since 2008, and we have a strong background in ebook-publishing, book layout, and interior design.

We have also helped many authors along the way

Many authors don’t feel like going through the trouble, or are not computer savvy enough to format and convert their manuscripts into professional looking e-books. With our affordable rates and proven references of past projects, you will receive quality and professional formatting services at a rate you can afford.

Some examples.