Providing quality and affordable Epub and Mobi Formatting Services

Tired of handling the difficult process of formatting your Word Document for the Epub/Mobi conversion? Let me handle it for you. For only $19.99 per book and up to 80,000 words, we will format your new book for you with a 24-48 hour turnaround time!  Each Formatting project will receive the following and of course it is optional for each project.

I have what it takes to get your book looking great!

As a full time Web/Graphic designer and a self-published author, I know how expensive getting your new self-published novel ready for distribution can be. I’ve been in the self-publishing business since 2008, and I have a strong background in ebook-publishing.

I have also helped many authors along the way

May authors don’t feel like going through the trouble, or are not computer savvy enough to format and convert their manuscripts into ebooks. With my affordable rates and proven references of past projects, you’ll receive quality and professional conversion services at a rate you can afford. You’ll see that you won’t go wrong with me.

  • Hyperlinked Table of Contents

  • Bullets

  • Proper Page Breaks

  • Annotations and Index

  • Embedded Images

  • and more!

    Epub supports: Kinble, Bn Pubit (Nook), Apple (iBooks and Itunes), Kobo Books, etc

    Mobi format supports: Kindle

…and it’s only for $19.95 per 80,000 words! A rate you’ll find you can’t beat!

“Contractor did work very quickly. I posted the project at 10 am and by 3 pm she had completed the project. Unlike other contractors, her bid suggested that she fully read the project brief. She even had additional suggestions on how to improve the project that I had not considered. ”


Don’t forget my express turnaround time of 2-3 business days which is free of charge with unlimited revisions!